Here are some testimonials from colleagues and students I have worked with:

Juvenile Justice International is a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom with projects across Europe and North America. As an organisation we have to regularly prepare very specialised and complex narrative reports with critical and statistical analysis, as well as presentations for the Police, Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom Victims Commissioner, and occasionally for the European Union. Dr Ursula Edgington has been our favoured consultant since 2011 and she has consistently prepared high quality reports and analysis often to very tight deadlines. Now resident in New Zealand, Ursula continues to be at the forefront of our consultancy needs as we require the best, thus distance does not hinder our close working relationship.
Dr Patrick Tierney, Director General, Juvenile Justice International, 2018


Ursula is an exceptional academic. Incredibly knowledgeable in her academic field, she is energetic, and brimming with creative vitality. Ursula oxygenates peoples thoughts with fresh ideas, concepts and deep discussion points that can’t fail to open one’s mind to new possibilities. Each debate supported by a deep well of academic rigour that truly marks her out as a superb academic. Ursula possesses a very rare quality, that ability of being able to distill and effectively convey difficult academic concepts into real world solutions and workable ideas. All delivered by a superb individual who is warm, approachable, very witty and generous. I have no hesitation in recommending Ursula.                                                                                                                                         Denis McGrath, FHEA, Counties Manakau Health, 2015


Ursula was my supervisor as a postgrad student. She has been a pillar of strength and support to me. Her dedication, passion, and inspiration as a teacher are infectious. She always responded very the promptly – she is such a dedicated teacher! She finds her fulfillment in students achieving and constantly developing their academic and writing skills. She knows how to encourage students and her caring words throughout the course meant so much to me. She has excellent proofreading, and editing skills—she is lightning fast. I never waited for any response from her. She has very well developed communication skills, and she is able to convey her ideas and concepts very effectively and succinctly.                       William Van Zyl, HoD, Huntly College, NZ, 2016


Ursula is a wonderful teacher, a social-scientist, a thinker, and a great writer. I wholeheartedly recommend her knowing that she has the integrity and intelligence to achieve her goals, and help others to achieve theirs also. Ursula is a clear thinker, passionate about human rights, education, environment and social justice. Her writing is accurate, logical and appeals to both academic and lay audiences. We need more people like Ursula in this country to help us achieve progress in a number of areas where corporate interests have painted false pictures for the public. Inquiring minds and good communicators are the only way to achieve progress for a New Zealand that can honestly stand behind its marketing pitch to the world and be a healthy place to live.                   Michelle Terry, Trustee, Clean Green NZ, 2016

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