Selected Publications

Books & Chapters:

Matthews, C.R., Edgington, U. & Channon, A. (2018) Teaching with Sociological Imagination in Higher & Further Education: Contexts, Pedagogies, Reflections. Springer. ISBN: 978-981-10-6724-2   This book includes a chapter co-written by myself and a past student:  Edgington, U. & Wilton, J. (2018) Twitter as part of an online learning-cultures approach: exploring a lecturer’s and a student-teacher’s perspectives. (Chapter 6)

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Edgington, U. (2016) Emotional Labour & Lesson Observation: a study of England’s Further Education. Springer, Singapore. ISBN: 978-981-10-2989-9


Academic Peer-Reviewed Articles/Chapters:

Swiatek, L. & Edgington, U. (2021) Culturally sensitive mental health support for Higher Education employees. In Mental Health Among Higher Education Faculty, Administrators and Graduate Students: a Critical Perspective. Edited by Teresa Heinz Housel. Lexington Books.

Edgington, U. (2016) Performativity and the power of shame: lesson observations, emotional labour and professional habitus Sociological Research Online 21(1) 11 DOI: 10.5153/sro.3802

Edgington, U. (2015) Constructing creative non-fiction: Telling teachers’ stories about being observed. Sage Series: Research Methods Cases. (Sage subscription required)

Edgington, U. (2014) Space, relationships and performativity: using metaphor to reflect on teaching practice. Curriculum Matters, 10, 174-192 (NZCER subscription required).

Book Reviews:

Edgington, U. (2015) Performativity and accountability in the UK education system: a case for humanness. Book Review of McQueen (2014) Roles, Rights & Responsibilities in UK Education: tensions and inequalities Pedagogy Culture & Society DOI: 10.1080/14681366.2015.1105467

Other Writing:

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